Our Classes and Locations

Jittabugs Theatre School is a performing arts school specialising in drama classes, musical theatre classes and dance classes in Taunton. We teach children from walking age up until 16 years. Below is an overview of all our musical theatre and dance classes in Taunton. Once you have chosen the right class for you please see our timetable.

Preschool Dance Classes in Taunton

dance classes in Taunton

Ballet & Boogie

This class is in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidelines. We teach children from walking age up until 5 years in our unique Ballet and Boogie class. This class has been popular with Jittabugs Theatre School in Taunton but also through our sister company Jittabugs where it is taught nationwide.

This is because we recognise that preschool ballet can be too formal for young children. Therefore, we teach the basics of Ballet in a more upbeat environment with a mixture of classical music, original Jittabugs music and pop and Disney songs too. The ‘boogie’ portion of the class is a mixture of styles and encourages a variety of movements giving the children great all-around exercise and keeping the class fun and diverse.

They will learn how to make their feet smile (First Position), how to point their toes (Good Toes, Naughty Toes) and much more. We are sure that if you try a Jittabugs Ballet and Boogie class you will see why our dance classes in Taunton are so popular. See our timetable to book a class.

“My daughter has only been attending for a few weeks but we had a lovely warm friendly welcome and she is loving it, especially the special Welcome Jittabugs song!”

– Carly, Pupil Parent

Mixed Performing Arts for 4-8 years

Jittabugs Minis

dance classes in TauntonThis class is a great mix of singing, dance and acting for ages 4-8 years. Jittabugs mixed performing arts classes will give children a wonderful basis in the performing arts. They will have a lot of fun working with us on many different styles of dance, singing songs and working on some script work too. Consequently, this is a great all-round class for little performers!

JTS is all about confidence building, teamwork and fun! Keeping our classes small means we are able to cater to individual needs within all singing, drama and dance classes in Taunton. See our timetable to book a class.

“When we started Jittabugs, my daughter was nervous and quiet and didn’t join in. Now she is like a different girl – She loves it! Caroline and Chelsea are fantastic and very welcoming and encouraging and always provide a fun lesson.”

– Jamie, Pupil Parent

Mixed Performing Arts for age 8+

Jittabugs Performing Arts

dance classes in TauntonThis class is all about a fusion of dance, drama, singing and more. Teaching ages 8+ and keeping our classes smaller than some other theatre schools, means we can really adapt our teaching to the individuals in the class, helping them to achieve their full potential.

Within the class, we teach singing by warming up the voice, tongue twisters and microphone technique, before learning specific songs. In drama, we use team games, improvisation, voice projection, mime, monologues, dialogues, script work and more to build confidence, technique and presence. For dance, we learn various styles from contemporary to commercial.

We are a non-syllabus theatre school and so do not put children through the pressure of exams. Instead, we focus on performances and shows which help to teach the children the rewards of rehearsal and experience the pleasure of applause, having worked hard to put on a great show. See our timetable to book a class.

“Fabulous. A fun, relaxed environment for pre-schoolers to build their confidence while working on their motor skills and balance – Evelyn loves it and has grown massively in co-ordination and confidence. Dad says she now has some rhythm!”

– Zoe, Pupil Parent