Preschool Ballet and Boogie

Ballet and Boogie is a creative dance class for ages 2-5 years. We teach the basics of ballet within a fun and creative environment. We use props and explore other styles of dance too, thereby keeping classes fun and expressive.

Classes last 40 minutes and although this class isn’t usually parent participation, some children may benefit from dancing with their parents a bit in the first session if they are feeling shy. We ask that you stay and watch your children dance so that you are on hand for toilet trips, etc.

Aiming to provide a flexible and affordable opportunity for preschoolers to enjoy dancing, we offer up to three classes at £5 per class so that you get a chance to really see if they are enjoying class before committing. After that it is £30 for 6 classes.

Ballet Bar - smaller       Ballet kids

Our Saturday classes run all year round but our weekday classes are term time only.

We do sell tutus for the girls and ballet wear for boys too, so we ask is that other tutus or ballet wear are not worn as different tutus/ballet uniforms can cause the dreaded ‘tutu envy’ 🙂 Our uniform is not required until the three introductory sessions have been taken so you can be sure he/she is committed to the classes first.

Ballet and Boogie runs in Hove and Portslade on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Please see our timetable for more information

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