BubbleGum Pop Dance

This is a fast moving hard-working mixed pop dance class to the sunniest dance songs that kids will know teaching a range of dance techniques, giving a great source of exercise and learning routines each week. Smiley, expressive and bouncy, this class is a great lively one for kids who love to dance and want to have a lot of fun doing so!

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 23.31.30This is a fun fuelled high-energy contemporary dance for ages 4-10 years. We teach the essential modern dance basics including kicks, jumps, turns, walks, runs, chasse, ball-change, grapevine and much more.

We also work each week on learning a routine and we use pop songs that children will know – Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Rhianna, Little Mix, Katy Perry, etc. This class is upbeat and feel good – dancing for the love of it and developing technique with flair!

Classes are at St Phillips Church, New Church Road, Hove, every Saturday 10.15am-11.00pm.

We charge £6 for the first class and then after that it is £36 for 6 classes.

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