Classical Ballet (ages 4-6 years)

Our pure beginners ballet class, and those who have attended Ballet and Boogie previously, is a combination of barre work, floor work and learning of choreographed ballet and lyrical dances, which we perform at local events.

These beginners ballet classes are for ages 4-6 years and are currently taught Monday’s 4-5pm at Hove Methodist Church on Portland Road and Saturdays 9.15am at St Phillip’s Church, New Church road, Hove.

Classical Ballet SwayingIn this beginners ballet class we start to refine technique and to master the basic positions, as well as trying more challenging ballet movements and styles. We start to focus on dynamics, teaching children to listen to the music and interpret how they would dance to convey the mood. Classical ballet at Jittabugs Theatre School is not a strict class; we have a lot of fun dancing, making friends and learning choreographed dance too. However, this is a class where you can expect to see some real development in your child’s dance ability.

Classes work out at £6 per class and the first one you can take as a one off. After that we charge per half term and run term time only. Uniform is required when the first termly booking is made and is a white leotard and skirt purchased through JTS.

This is a drop off and pick up class as we find children focus better, although you are welcome to watch the first class so you can see what we are all about.

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