Jazz and Boogie

If your child loves to dance, wiggle, shake, leap, boogie and bop with a whole heap of cheekiness and a big smile then they will love our Jazz and Boogie class for ages 2-5 years.

Jazz dance brighton

We love dancing Jazz, Jive, Charleston and more to a range of music with a vintage style, from Disney to Paolo Nutini and the Grease soundtrack.

Classes last 40 minutes and although this class isn’t usually parent participation, some children may benefit from dancing with their parents a bit in the first session if they are feeling shy.

Aiming to provide a flexible and affordable opportunity for you child to enjoy dancing, we offer up to three classes at £5 per class so that you get a chance to really see if they are enjoying class before committing. After that it is £30 for 6 classes.

We do have a uniform of a black leotard and black sparkly skirt or shorts for the boys. However, this is not required until the three introductory sessions have been taken so you can be sure he/she is committed to the classes first.

Jazz and Boogie runs at South Portslade Community Centre on Fridays at 1.45pm.

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