1. The Welfare of the Child

1.1 The welfare of the child is paramount.

2. Children’s Rights

2.1 All children have the right to protection from abuse regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs.

3. Policy Approval

3.1 The policy is approved by Head Office.

4. Tutor Involvement

4.1 The policy relates to all tutors, franchisees/licensees and any other staff involved with Jittabugs (including volunteers).

5. Parent Involvement

5.1 Parents and childcare providers are informed of the policies and procedures as appropriate.

6. Concerns/Allegations of Abuse

6.1 All concerns and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously by tutors, franchisees and any other staff, and responded to appropriately – this may require a referral to the police in an emergency, or children’s services.

7. Recruitment

7.1 Jittabugs has a commitment to safe recruiting.

8. Current Legislation

8.1 The policy directly relates to and is underpinned by current principles, legislation and guidance on Child Protection.

9. Policy Review

9.1 The policy is reviewed on an annual basis.


1. Named Person

1.1 The named person responsible for Safeguarding Children and Child Protection for Jittabugs is CAROLINE ASHWORTH.

1.2 CAROLINE ASHWORTH is the Child Protection Officer, and has 10 years experience in Child Protection policies and procedures.

1.3 CAROLINE ASHWORTH was appointed as Child Protection Officer in JAN 2009, in line with her role as owner of Jittabugs.

2. What is Child Abuse?

2.1 Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is when someone tries to make you feel bad. This can be saying things to scare you, putting you down, embarrassing or humiliating you. This might be on purpose or without realising what they are saying or doing is making you feel bad. If someone is always telling you that you’re ugly, or fat, or stupid, or worthless, or that they wish you’d never been born, that’s emotional abuse. It’s wrong, even if they are not doing it on purpose.

2.2 Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is when someone is hurting you.  That could be hurting you with their hands, feet, or an object – hitting, slapping, punching, pinching, kicking or suffocating you.  It could include scalding or burning you or pulling your hair out.  If someone makes you swallow something that hurts, or makes you ill, including giving you medicine when you are not ill or do not need it, that’s physical abuse too.

2.3 Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is when you are being touched in a way you don’t like, you are being forced to have sex, you are forced to look at sexual pictures or videos, you are made to watch someone do something sexual or you are made to do something sexual to someone that feels uncomfortable or wrong.

2.4 Neglect

You could be suffering from neglect if you don’t have enough warm clothes or shoes, you don’t have enough to eat and drink, you’re left alone for a long time, or left in charge of family without adult help, you’re forced to sleep somewhere cold or uncomfortable, or if no-one helps you when you’re are ill or you’ve been hurt.

3. How to Respond if you Suspect Child Abuse

3.1 Where there are concerns about a child’s safety or welfare or concerns about the actions of a tutor/parent/childcare provider, you must report it directly to the Child Protection Officer for Jittabugs.

3.2 The Child Protection Officer can be contacted directly through Head Office or via the email, or through the telephone number 07841 038 141.

3.3 The Child Protection Officer will record the incident, concern or referral immediately and will follow set procedures in a timely manner.

3.4 The Child Protection Officer will contact the local Children’s Services regarding the concern, incident or referral.

3.5 Should the concern, incident or referral involve a Jittabugs tutor, the tutor will be asked to cease trading immediately, in accordance with their franchise agreement until the local Children’s Services have finished their investigations.

3.6 Should the Children’s Services investigation find the Jittabugs tutor at fault, Jittabugs will terminate the franchise/licensee agreement with immediate effect.

3.7 Where there are concerns about the actions of the Child Protection Officer please report it directly to the local Children’s Services directly.

4. Recording Incidents, Concerns and Referrals

4.1 All incidents, concerns and referrals will be stored at the Head Office address in a secure manner, for a period of 5 years.

5. Recruitment

5.1 All franchisees/licensees/tutors/staff are subject to an enhanced CRB disclosure.

6. Training

6.1 All staff/tutors/franchisees must familiarise themselves with these policies and procedures.

6.2 Any questions/concerns must be reported to the Child Protection Officer.

6.3 Refresher guidance will be available on an annual basis.

7. Further Guidance

7.1 For current guidance, legislation and resources please see the ‘Every Child Matters’ Summary

7.2 The NSPCC

8. Review Date

8.1 To be reviewed January 2019