Mixed Performing Arts

Jittabugs’ mixed drama, singing and dance class is a lively, hard working, fun, confidence building class.

Every Thursday we are at Open Spaces Studios (near St Ann Wells Park) from 4-5pm.

We teach children from 4-10 years to sing and to dance to various styles including modern pop music and songs from shows and we do some basic drama activities too. This is a great all round class for expressive kids to burn off some energy and focus and for more shy children to build their confidence.

Classes work with the school term and you are invited to try the first class for just £3! After, if you wish to come again we book you in for each half term with classes working out at £6 per class.

performing arts 1 Performing arts

This term we are working on a singing a dance routine to ‘Get Back Up Again’ from the film Trolls, ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite’ from Mary Poppins and a very fast attitude filled dance routine to a pop song too. In addition we will be working on growing confidence, projection and expression through some drama based activities, and later on learning some simple script.

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